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Is eating too little making you overweight?


Yes it is…. Plain and simple. While each of us are different, eating too little will cause you to gain weight. Well how can that be? We all have heard the saying „As long as I am burning more calories than I am taking in I should lose weight, Right?“. And I would say said it makes sense on paper a does work to a point but as I explain to my clients, Anything under 1200 calories a day is starvation… Sounds extreme but our body needs fuel to perform functions just to survive.. Think of it like your car, can you drive your car without gas in the tank?? (Of course if your friends are pushing you)  So sticking with my car…. I have to have at a minimum amount of oil in my motor otherwise the low oil light will come on and I risk damaging my motor… Well your body has a warning light and it can come as a headache, dizziness, and having no energy and you also risk damaging your body.

Do not get me wrong I hate counting calories but people tend to think they are eating more than what they really are so I like people to log their food with www.myfitnesspal.com just to bring a bit of reality to them. Remember your body wants to make sure you can function everyday so if you eat too little then it will store every bit of fat you take in therefore gaining weight.

Want to learn more or need help getting your nutrition in order, then contact me and let me assist you doing that.

(image credits to Anne Summer of usmediahouse.com )

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